Factory - Furniture

Furniture Manufacturers and Distributors:

Oceanic6 Solutionz offers an extensive range of solid wood furniture for all styles to the domestic and global marketplace, from vintage style to industrial based furniture products. We believe in investing our energy and passion to achieve client satisfaction in the form of delivering quality products. We are recognized for enduring brilliant custom-made wooden furniture based solutions for cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, villas, offices, and other prominent industries.

Our wooden style Coffee Tables, End/Side Tables, Dining Chairs, Media Consoles, Dining Tables, Ottomans, and Consoles collection is fabricated using high-quality Sheesham Wood, Teak Wood, and Mango Wood which are durable in nature.

Infrastructure and Warehousing:

Here at Oceanic6 Solutionz, every single piece of furniture is with utmost care and flair. Our 3,000 square meter warehouse unit is supplemented with technologically advanced equipments, efficient workforce, and materials as per the international standards. A skilled team of professionals carries out the furniture production process, designing, quality testing, packaging and loading in our capacious facility center. Additionally, our packaging team ensures the packaging process is undertaken in corrugated boxes and wooden crates for a safe transit.

For world-class range of products, our organization is segregated into various departments:

  • Administration
  • Procurement
  • Production/Manufacturing
  • Quality Control
  • Sales and Marketing

Oceanic6 Solutionz inquisitive and well-equipped craftsmen keep the manufacturing process streamlined from processing the solid wood till bringing out finished products. Preventive measures are kept into consideration to avoid all possible hazards. Our entire staff is above 18 years of age as we do not support the punishable offence of child labour.

Furniture Making Process:

Moving ahead, It’s time for a sneak peak into the furniture manufacturing process to help you understand our customized approach while creating a perfect match for our clients’ tastes and lifestyle.

  • Selection of Wood: Furniture making commences with the process of wood selection. It depends on the final product to be manufactured. For instance: Mahogany and Teakwood are considered as the best picks for heavy furniture whereas fir, ash or bitch would do wonders for kitchen cabinets or outdoor decks.
  • Wood Transformation: Transforming the wood involves cutting down the tree into pieces known as lumber. Further, they are kiln-dried to lessen the moisture of wood. However, some of its essential properties are retained. The tranformation of wood takes place at the sawmill and lasts for 2-4 weeks.
  • Wood Splitting and Cutting: The kiln-dried wood is brought at the machine shop to cut out the different parts of the furniture. Afterwards, these parts are clamped together and brought in under a high-speed rotating knife to provide a proper shape to every part of the furniture. These pieces are further sanded and veneered for a better appearance, if required.
  • Assembly: At this stage, the wooden carcasses are joined, glue is applied on drawers, and doorframes are assembled together. After sanding and shaping the edges, the assembly department removes the excess glue and gives final structuring to the product. Hand sanding is also followed wherever needed. Additionally, staining, spray polishing, and treatments are performed to give the final product a layer of protection.

While designing a piece of furniture, Oceanic6 Solutionz make sure it is both functional and brilliantly beautiful. With the advent of technology, modern buyers are deviating more towards smart selection which helps them to pick the best product to fill up their living space. Our profound carpenters and woodworkers invest their considerable time and effort to craft a masterpiece that lasts for a long time.