Packaging – Oceanic6

Safe Furniture and Granite Packaging with Strong & Durable Materials

Oceanic6 Solutionz pays equal attention to packaging process as much it pays to the production of quality-proven products. We comprehend the importance of safe packaging as broken tiles or spoilt finish of products can blemish the hard-earned reputation of our organization. It could prove to be a costly affair for both the manufacturers as well as the buyers of the product. At Oceanic6 Solutionz, Granite and Furniture products are wrapped in EPA form sheets and are packed using export-quality strong wooden crates. These crates are fabricated using dry, good-quality, and strong wood that are capable to withstand the 1-tonne weight of the product.

Packaging Materials
  • Plastic materials for plastic covering.
  • Other packaging stuff includes thin polythene sheets & forms, plastic sheets.
  • Polythene sheets in between polished surfaces to avoid breakage or scratches.
  • Strong quality wooden crates and Reinforced straps.
  • Well-fumigated wooden pallets.
  • Thermocol boxes and corrugated boxes.
Carrying out the Packaging Process

For successful shipment, the wooden crates are handled from initiating the loading of products at factory premises till handling the stock in the customer’s stockyard. The products are stacked and stored for a longer duration before being sold. Evidently, the packaging is meant to be done in strong and substantial wooden crates.

Polyethylene sheets are placed on these crates from inside. To add more, the thermocol sheets and layer of foam are lined up.

The corner and edges of the tiles/slabs/countertops/furniture products are packed in a tight manner to avoid any chipping during long transportation. The wooden crates are further sealed with polyethylene sheets to prevent the packaging from getting wet during adverse climatic conditions. For protective packaging, high-quality nails and additional required tools or accessories are put into use.

Furthermore, our production department comes into action. They convey all the commercial packaging based instructions to the ground staff in a comprehensible way. At first, photographs from the packaging area are examined. After fulfilling all the requirements, final approval is provided. Alongside, the packed product images are forwarded to the buyer for final approval.