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Granite Manufacturers and Exporters

Welcome to Oceanic 6 Solutionz that extracts raw blocks from North Indian quarries and fabricates natural and engineered stone. We believe in providing the finest granite products such as slabs, countertops, and tiles, following a unique approach and strategy.

Undoubtedly, Granite is one of the strongest and well-liked stones in the construction industry. With the help of our professional ethos, Oceanic 6 Solutionz is consistent in meeting the customer satisfaction level as per their changing needs. We promise to satisfy the clientele expectations in India and abroad when it comes to providing standard quality granite products. Stylize your home interior and exterior with our majestic collection of vibrant granite colors fabricated with our advanced machinery and equipment.

Quality Granite Production Process

To achieve the finest quality of granites, we have equipped our professional team of workers with resources and premium-quality raw materials. Our stone factory is embedded with saw cutters, granite cutting machines, gantry crane, and automated CNC & polishing machines.

We ensure flawless production of granite products by deploying advanced technologies and machinery comprising honing machines, cutting machines, calibration machines, and tumbling machines. While granite making is in process, we follow each and every step with an ultimate sophistication and elegance.

  • Selecting Granite from the best Quarry for Processing
  • Wire Dressing and Block Cutting
  • Grinding process for proper finishing
  • Resin treatment to cover up any pits or micro fissures
  • Bridge sawing for cut-to-size granite Slab
  • Polishing for smoother finishing
  • Granite trim profiling to trim the edges
  • Quality check, and final inspection of thickness and size
  • Packaging and Distribution with the help of effective shipping procedure and proper documentation to avoid any damages and ensure safety of shipped goods.
Granite Applications

Granite is thriving in making exemplary impressions in both residential and commercial spaces that includes kitchens, bathrooms, countertops, staircases, lobbies, balconies, floorings, wall claddings, and many other interior and exterior elements.