Will Black and White Kitchens Ever Go Out of Style?

Don’t read too much into black and white

We refuse.

Although to make any black and white design genuinely ageless, though, follow these suggestions.

Will kitchens in black and white become outdated? This is the most typical query that kitchen designers from around the world encounter. No, that is the unmistakable response. Despite the newest trends in kitchen design, there are ways to make a black and white color scheme appear timeless and modern.

Let’s talk about what not to do with a black and white palette before we share our three tips for keeping it timeless:

Start by reducing the number of glossy surfaces. A kitchen will look dated if it has glossy white cabinets and high gloss black counters. It will take on an eighties movie set vibe if you cover this with even more flashy hardware, such as silver chrome. It’s crucial to counteract the harshness of black and white with some softness and various shine levels.
Overusing the black and white color scheme is another way to make an otherwise traditional kitchen palette look dated. Avoid using black appliances and adding excessive amounts of black and white art or decor

Muted black and white colors are a certain technique to reduce the stark contrast in your kitchen. In kitchen design, greys are frequently utilized to create a more subdued version of the stark black-and-white contrast.

Concerto, a popular grey from MSI, is one we adore. We always recommend Rugged Concrete from Caesarstone if you’re searching for a concrete look-alike. This is a well-liked substance that combines quartz’s durability with the earthiness and texture of actual concrete.

White cabinets have been very popular over the past ten years. Try a soft or off-white to give it a little more warmth. It looks contemporary and tidy. A wide variety of whites with yellow, grey, brown, or even pink overtones are available from Benjamin Moore. Swiss Coffee and White Dove are two exquisitely subdued whites. Bright white is commonly substituted for other popular colors like alabaster and Sherwin Williams’ Classic Light Buff.

Black and white have all been softened in our top three quartz colors. Additionally, they are imitations of timeless Italian marble. The countertop can help you balance and mix the two hues.

Add Color to Your White and Black Kitchen

A predominantly black and white kitchen has the obvious drawback of feeling too chilly. When wood is involved, everything starts to warm up!

Consider ceiling beams made of wood or wood floors if you don’t want to commit to wood cabinets. Even a wooden dining nook table will warm up a kitchen nook. Consider an island made of our lovely butcher block if you have white cabinets with black tops. It includes a timeless organic and textural character.

Adding texture is another technique to make a space feel cozier. Choose a leathered or honed black or grey material instead of dazzling black granite. Pillows or window treatments can also give texture and comfort to the area around your dining nook.

As we’ve already mentioned, stay away from shiny objects. Imagine polished black granite, off-white cabinets, and warm brass hardware with a patina from age. Right now, black hardware is also popular. Use high-quality, black pulls that are powder coated to stand out on a subdued white background.

Make your kitchen in black and white stand out!

A kitchen in black and white serves as the ideal backdrop for other design features to stand out. It’s also a fantastic method to use additional colors to create a statement. Nothing can bring out color like a black and white kitchen if you love green but don’t want all of your cabinets painted in that hue. If your preferences or fashions change, it will be far simpler to replace an accent color than the entire kitchen.
Color may have nothing to do with your wow factor. A vintage island or unique lighting fixtures might serve as your focal point. The wonderful thing about white and black kitchens is that you can change the star as your tastes and fashion trends change.

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