The Most Popular Natural Stone Trend For 2022

Most often, marble or granite spring to mind when people think of natural stone. The third choice, quartzite, has emerged as a gem in the rough and is gaining popularity in the countertop market. Though it might be the last thing that comes to mind, once you become familiar with its beauty and toughness, you’ll realise that quartzite has only just begun to shine. Homeowners and interior designers are starting to understand that natural stone can be owned without the concerns and trepidations associated with marble.

First of all – Lets Describe Quartzite.

We have discovered that quartzite is not well known to many individuals. For high traffic areas like a busy kitchen, it could seem overly precious and delicate since it sounds delicate. The opposite is true, as you can see. When sandstone is buried, pressure and heat build up over thousands of years, fusing the sand particles together to form a hard, resilient rock known as quartzite. The hardest countertop material, even harder than quartz, is quartzite, which rates an 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness (1 being softest and 10 the hardest). A fingernail scores a 2.5 whereas a diamond scores a 10, to give you some context.

Quartzite has two distinct appearances. The others are creamy and light, while one is bolder and darker. Depending on how it was formed or the minerals that were present when it was quarried, its coloration can change. When a material undergoes metamorphosis, the veining may occasionally acquire red, pink, green, or even blue hues.

Granite-Like Durability in Quartzite

Granite and quartzite share the biggest similarities. Both are exceptionally hard natural stones that are stunning in their own unique ways. Quartzite stands out most due to its differences. Because quartzite is tougher and denser than granite, it is less likely to be scratched, chipped, or stained. They also have very diverse looks. Due to the fact that granite is an igneous rock, it frequently has larger, darker (typically black) specks that were created by molten lava. Compared to quartz, granite frequently has busier and less straight patterns.

Marble-like Beauty in Quartzite

There is no disputing the enduring beauty and opulence of Italian white marbles. Since stone was first used in kitchens hundreds of years ago, marble worktops have become increasingly fashionable. When you own quartzite, you can own a piece of natural stone, some of which resemble marble almost exactly, but you also get the benefits of quartzite’s performance. Quartzite is much harder than marble (marble is rated between 3-5 on the Mohs scale of hardness), therefore it is less likely to scratch, chip, or discolour. Marble is prone to etching as well. Etching occurs when marble’s calcite combines with acid (imagine lemon juice) to produce a stain. There is zero probability that quartzite will etch when exposed to acidic foods because it doesn’t contain calcite.

The satisfaction of knowing you possess a genuine work of nature’s creation is hard to match, but many people are unwilling to accept the dangers and upkeep demands of marble. Quartzite offers the individuality of natural stone with the assurance that its beauty will last.

Quartzite Performs Better Than Artificial Quartz

When comparing quartz with quartzite, misunderstanding occurs because to how close the names are. A factory produces quartz, which is made up of 93 percent crushed quartz. After that, resin and polymers are added to it to produce a countertop that is lovely, non-porous, and chip-resistant. Because it is artificial, they can regulate the colour and movement and mass make the exact same slab. As a result, the appearance is more unified. Contrarily, quartzite will be more variegated because nature never creates the same item twice. When it comes to performance, quartzite differs from quartz. It is tougher than quartz, making it more scratch resistant, and it also resists exposure to heat better.


As you can see, quartzite countertops are undoubtedly among our greatest options. A larger price is attached to that. The hardest stone we sell, quartzite, requires more time to remove from the quarry and is more challenging to construct once it is brought in-house. Compared to other natural stones, it takes longer to cut and is harder on our diamond blades and wires. The final consumer pays more as a result. However, quartzite is not prohibitively expensive. It is more expensive than other quartz items but not as pricey as a rare marble.

Color Trends

Our most popular colour is Taj Mahal. It is delicate white in colour with veins that are either greyish or golden beige. These slabs most closely resemble Calacatta marbles from Italy.

Tahitian Cream has a background that is light beige with a faint green undertone. Small, noticeable veins with exquisite white layer streaks separate its layers.

According to experts, Moreno has a “grey slate-like appearance, has noticeable veining, producing a sense of movement, and provides the ideal centre piece.”

White quartzite called Mercury has layers of linear grey. As with every quartzite stone, vertical veining can also appear from time to time. One is reminded of the extremely expensive Zebrino Carrara marble by the somewhat consistent darker grey lines.

The gorgeous blend of beige, grey, white, and golden tones in Savoie quartzite lacks the linear characteristics of the other colours. It’s a warm stone that you can use as a jumping off point for other colours in your colour scheme.

The show-stopping natural stone known as Nature’s Paintbrush Plus Performance Quartzite exhibits excellent durability. Come discover for yourself why it is being specified by leading designers more and more often—it is the ideal synthesis of original beauty and performance.

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