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According to consumer studies, changes in shopping habits began long before the coronavirus outbreak.

Customers who have virtually unrestricted access to information about the products they purchase have been paying considerably more attention to the policies of the brands they purchase, especially when making more expensive purchases, even before the coronavirus outbreak.

When it comes to purchases, consumers continue to fall into four broad categories: value-driven, purpose-driven, brand-driven, and product-driven, with the first two being by far the most important. We start with what customers are searching for, based on research conducted by the National Retail Federation (NRF) and IBM Corp., in this month’s two-part analysis of the consumer and how sustainability influences their choices.

How do shoppers behave?

The NRF/IBM study found that due to the increasing consumer access to product and brand knowledge brought on by technology, shopping had already undergone a fundamental transition before the coronavirus epidemic. According to the survey, shopping has always entailed a consumer making time for a trip to a preferred store that was planned in advance. “This predictable relationship and activity have changed as a result of the e-commerce revolution. People are increasingly buying goods and services online and without ever physically visiting a store.

Despite the fact that shopping trends have headed in this direction for almost a decade, the report claims that social media and mobile technologies are to blame for a “rewiring” of consumer purchasing habits that had not yet fully taken root. It is doubtful that these practises will go back, as they were already one of the major swings in consumer behaviour before the advent of a pandemic that has increased the importance of online buying. Consumers increasingly purchase in “micro-moments, whenever and whenever the mood strikes them, often while engrossed in other chores,” according to an NRF/IBM report.

How does it affect the furniture industry? 

Furniture manufacturers in India. Furniture is a decision that requires a lot of thought because we don’t purchase it regularly, it’s durable, and it frequently costs a lot of money.

Making this choice is also emotionally charged because our furniture shows who we are. One may argue that consumers are purchasing an image of themselves and a means of spending quality time with friends and family. (source)

Customers are keen to learn more before making a purchase as a result. They might do this in-store, but research indicates that more and more shoppers are doing their research online. The impact of online research on in-store purchases is covered in the next section.

Nearly 74% of buyers, according to Cisco (2012), study products online before making a choice to buy them in-store. Similar figures are found in a 2013 Mississippi State University study that focuses just on house furnishings. Additionally, they compared their findings to past studies, which revealed a rise in just 5 years of around 18 percent!

These online searches are frequently done on mobile devices. Nearly half of people who visit furniture stores use their smartphones to look up information both before and during their visit, according to research by Furniture Today.

This indicates that consumers switch between several information channels.

This “cross-channel” shopping necessitates a new strategy from merchants in order to attract and keep customers. For instance, you can think about utilising in-store kiosks to give your customers all the information they require and want.

Consumers’ purchases may be influenced by digital content. Having this content available in your store can have a significant impact on customers’ point-of-purchase decisions. 

Online shopping might result from online research. Yes, you read that correctly; we are not joking. Consumers are willing to buy furniture & accessories online. 

There is a significant vacuum to be filled because purchasing furniture has traditionally been seen as relying on physical and visual retail experiences.

Eight out of ten people overall have already purchased home furniture online (Furniture Today). The way people shop for furniture online has clearly changed. Therefore, a strong, online presence is crucial to remain competitive.

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